Rock Legends

Were you a fan of Prism, The Seeds of Time, Chilliwack, or The Headpins?

Meet THE AUTHENTICS! The band featuring iconic classic rock talents from the Lower Mainland: Al Harlow (Prism), Ab Bryant (Prism, Chilliwack, the Headpins), John Hall (Prism, Seeds of Time), and Rocket Norton (the Rocket Norton Band, Prism, Seeds of Time)


THE AUTHENTICS deliver a mix of reunion and reminiscence featuring musical artists whose work together and in other projects has been much of the Lower Mainland’s, in fact of Canada’s, soundtrack for most of 40 years.


At an AUTHENTICS show, you will hear the music that inspired the careers of these local legends of rock as well as some of the “hits” from those careers. And every song is played 100% AUTHENTICALLY!


From Motown and the Stones through to the best of Canadian Rock, Al Harlow lets us know what we’re in for! "A musical romp among friends, through songs that inspired us to play instruments as kids, our own early attempts and B-sides, plus some which actually became hits - onstage reminiscing in our own back yard!"

The Authentics released a new EP

  • Who Put Those Things In Your Head

  • In It For Yourself

  • Supergirl

  • Crazy Talk

  • Flying

  • Gasoline Alley

The book they said couldn't be written

(some said shouldn't be written)

is here ...

Rocket Norton

Lost In Space

by Rocket Norton

It's a story born in the sixties,

a story that booze couldn't drown

and drugs couldn't squelch,

a story obsessed with sex

and unafraid to

'do it in the road'

or anywhere else for that matter.

Author, Rocket Norton says,

“Aw Hell with the lawsuits,

it's a story that's gotta be told.”


555 Pages of Rockin' Adventure!

 Copyright © Rocket Norton

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