Rocket Norton

Rocket Norton is a Vancouver musician, author, and entrepreneur.


Rocket was the drummer for Juno-award winning PRiSM, The Rocket Norton Band, The Seeds of Time, and other Vancouver bands.


He published a book about his involvement in the Vancouver music scene called Rocket Norton: Lost In Space.


Al Harlow, John Hall, Ab Bryant, Ray Ayotte, and Rocket Norton perform many of the classic songs as The Authentics.  The Authentics will release a new EP in October.


A proud achievement is a rock-opera called Visions: Mission Andromeda that was recorded with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and performed at the Vancouver Planetarium for many shows.


Another passion was coaching baseball.  He created a video program called How to Coach Baseball to Kids that has sold thousands of copies.  An online version is coming soon.


Rocket Norton has two manuscripts looking for a publisher including a novel called Live, Love, Die and  THE REAL GREATEST ALL-STAR BASEBALL TEAM OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (by the numbers).


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The Authentics

The Authentics feature iconic classic rock talents from the Lower Mainland: Al Harlow (Prism), Ab Bryant (Prism, Chilliwack, the Headpins), John Hall (Prism, Seeds of Time), and Rocket Norton (the Rocket Norton Band, Prism, Seeds of Time).


The Authentics  deliver a mix of reunion and reminiscence featuring musical artists whose work together and in other projects has been much of the Lower Mainland’s, in fact of Canada’s, soundtrack for most of 40 years.


Join The Authentics for an EP Release Party and Concert at Blue Frog Studios on Saturday, October 5,  2019.


Doors at 6 pm.  Musical Magic at 7:00 pm SOLD OUT

Second show added

Doors at 8:45 pm.  Musical Magic at 9:15 pm


The book they said couldn't be written

(some said shouldn't be written)

is here ...

Rocket Norton

Lost In Space

by Rocket Norton

It's a story born in the sixties,

a story that booze couldn't drown

and drugs couldn't squelch,

a story obsessed with sex

and unafraid to

'do it in the road'

or anywhere else for that matter.

Author, Rocket Norton says,

“Aw Hell with the lawsuits,

it's a story that's gotta be told.”


555 Pages of Rockin' Adventure!

 Copyright © Rocket Norton

Visions: Mission Andromeda
by The Experimental Warrior

Visions: Mission Andromeda is a science-fiction story set to music that warns of the conflict between good and evil which wages eternally within every person.


Visions is performed by Rocket Norton, John Hall, and Skip Prest with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.


Performed to sold-out shows at
the Vancouver Planetarium


Available on iTunes and other places

Live Love Die by Rocket Norton

Rocket Norton’s new novel is titled, Live, Love, Die. It is a fictional work but based on a real life inciting incident ... the murder/suicide of a wealthy English couple. The story is told in a series of flashbacks between 1918 and the present in locations all over the world. Pretty much all the characters are lying, most of them die and, oh yes, there's about 18 billion dollars at stake. 

Greatest Players of the 20th Century?

This book has the potential to be the most loved or the most hated book since the King James Edition.


It will certainly be as hotly contested and could start or continue arguments that may last a lifetime.


But all of this is nothing new to the baseball fan. Even the first time observer of a game will have an opinion about something and at some time during the game will almost certainly disagree with the umpire or manager regardless of whether they know the difference or even actually saw the play.


That is one of the luxuries of being a baseball fan, you can know a little or you can know a lot but you will always remain at once a novice and an expert. Having an opinion is a right-of-life to every baseball fan.


Building that opinion into a rock-solid reality is a work of art to the average fan.